Apprenticeship program and become a member of BAC Local 3 California

Apprenticeship Information

Apprenticeship provides classroom education, on the job training and develops hands on skill in an environment that fosters competition. A competitive environment inspires creativity and challenges the will of each person to be successful in this most respected craft. If you are joining as an apprentice with no experience, please contact the apprenticeship office. If you have experience, contact us and we will provide you with a list of potential employers. Once employed, the employer will conduct an evaluation and submit it to the union. Those who require improvement will be assigned to specific training that will aid in securing journeyman status.

Each year the Union conducts local, regional, national and international competitions throughout the country. At various levels, prizes and awards are presented to those that exemplify their respective trade. Apprentice competitions are based on precision, technical ability, speed and quality.

BAC LOCAL 3 APPRENTICESHIP (Brick, Marble, PCC, Terrazzo)

Become a Member

What does Local 3 offer its members?

  • The union wage from the first hour of employment with a contractor
  • Health and welfare benefits for you, your spouse and your dependents that includes quality medical, vision, and dental.
  • Paid pension plans
  • Safer working conditions
  • Historically good availability of work
  • Solidarity and brotherhood
  • Pride in craft
  • Sociability (Fishing trips, picnics, sporting events, political events, etc.)
  • Scholarships (more information click here)
  • Education(more information click here)
  • International Reciprocal Agreements
  • OE Federal Credit Union (more information click here)

Contractors that use untrained, unskilled personnel and inferior products in construction projects have diminished the perceived value of union masons in society. The use of such personnel and products is a means to cut costs and increase profits of the contractors that produce an inferior product. Proper training and discernment for quality products should not be replaced at the expense of the consumer.

To learn more about these advantages call us at 1-800-281-8781.
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