From the desk of President Dave Jackson:

Shifting Gears

Our Tile Agreement negotiations are complete. Labor was not in the best position because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. It is fair to say Labor and Management took opposing views on how busy the Bay Area construction market will be towards the end of 2021. However, we worked out a conservative increase with improvements to terms and conditions on a one-year extension agreement effective April 2021. All Tile members will receive updated terms and wage and benefit schedules soon. I would like to thank our negotiating committee, including Monterey Chapter Chairman Hugo Marquez, San Jose chapter member Ernie Romero, Sacramento Chapter Chairman Jared Varney, Oakland Chapter Chairman Steve Vogel, Manteca Chapter member Javier Casillas, Secretary Treasurer Troy Garland, Vice Chair Dave Tafoya, and IU West Region Rep Darin Compton.

BAC offers members good careers in the trowel trades. Although the work is physical, it is also very rewarding. I have always enjoyed the work through my apprenticeship and my career as a Journeyman Bricklayer. I grew up in a union household and learned about unionism at a young age. My father Ray was a career Hodcarrier and became Business Manager of Local 36. My mother Wilma was a member of the Bakery and Confectionery Union and worked seasonal at See’s Candies. My education has continued during my 43 years of BAC membership and 25 years as a union representative. I will be switching gears and retiring as President of BAC 3 at the end of April 2021.

I was honored to be hired as San Francisco Field Representative in 1996 by BAC 3 Officers Tim Paulson, Steve Rafferty, and Mark Wuelfing. I was excited and enthusiastic about representing my fellow members. Seeing and learning what labor leaders do every day was a bit overwhelming at first; I look at it like another apprenticeship. The training I received was invaluable and I truly enjoyed my journey as Field Rep and Trustee, to Vice Chair, to Secretary Treasurer, and then President.

I feel our local’s leadership has stepped up and made a difference to our members daily with representation on the job, assuring job safety, compliance of our Collective Bargaining Agreements, promoting our members and contractors, and increasing the rights and wages of all workers. Much can be, and was accomplished at the bargaining table, the trust fund table, the political arena, and working with local and state building trades councils.

We have been able to open “state of the art” training centers for masonry and tile, merge our brick pensions, structure both brick and tile pensions for immediate and future improvements, start an organizing fund and committee, add fulltime IMI promotion and marketing, and provide Journey worker upgrade courses.

Of course, this work will never stop, and nobody goes it alone. I would like to thank you, the membership, for the privilege of representing and serving you over the last 10 years as President of BAC 3. I have taken every position in the local seriously and always served with honor and to the best of my ability. I am proud of my time as Steward of our local. We all stand on the shoulders of those who served before us and do our best to provide an improved union for those that will follow us. I know we are in very good hands with Secretary Treasurer Troy Garland taking the position of President, and I thank Troy for all his hard work and making me a better Officer. I would also like to thank all the past and present BAC Secretaries, Field Reps, Organizers, and Officers. It truly is a brotherhood that I will miss.

Local 3’s future is bright with recent hires of union representatives. Our most recent hire is Field Rep Lenny Paredes, who has the task of replacing Gary Peifer in Sacramento and is progressing well. He joins Field Rep Colin Johnson, Organizer Ryan Ruf, Field Rep Steve Espinosa, and Director of Organizing Dave Tafoya. I feel Local 3 is fortunate to have these dedicated, hardworking agents to represent our membership for many years to come.

Work Safe and honor all pickets, Dave