From the Desk of Dave Tafoya,

Brothers and Sisters, as we begin to close out this year of unprecedented times and bring in the holiday season, we all need to continue to focus on what is important in our lives; our families, children, and to share the same goals moving forward to keep our strong union. It is not only the path set by our forefathers, but it is you that continue to help build the communities that we live in. Members, it is important that we maintain the safety of others and follow all job site protocol that relates to this pandemic. Remember it is you that can make a difference. 

We have had an election with the biggest voter turnout in history. People’s voices have been heard and the labor movement continues to strive. BAC local 3 has continued in our organizing efforts to gain and capture market share in areas across our 46-county jurisdiction. I would like to thank all staff on their dedication in having the same mindset regarding growth. 

Recently, we held a COMET 2 class for some of our rank and file members along with the International Union. The class was well participated by all and I would like to thank our members for attending. Organizing is a tough task and is not always rewarded so when you get a victory whether small or big, you must take it in. BAC local 3 is working on materials to showcase at our apprenticeship schools to continue to educate our members on the importance of our growth. Our management committee recently adopted a member recruitment plan (MRP), that will be effective January 1, 2021. The program will allow for a signing on bonus for skilled non-union workers and a BAC local 3 member finders referral bonus. The goal here is to have non-union workers benefit from being a union member with higher wages, better benefits, and training opportunities.  

Being involved in the organization you are a part of is important. I remember when I first signed up with BAC local 3 and my partner that brought me in said, “let’s go to a meeting” and I replied, “for what?” He explained this is how we find out what is going on and where the next project is going to be built. We continue to have our chapter meetings via Zoom and recently had our General Meeting on November 7th. We had a record turnout with eighty-eight members and staff in attendance. In closing, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

In Solidarity,
Dave Tafoya 


               Bannering in Oakland at an Everest Waterproofing project      



                      Stonelake Masonry picket in Livermore CA