BAC Local3 Brick & Tile craft demonstration with Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kings Counties Building & Constructions Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program.

From the Desk of Organizer Dave Tafoya

Recruiting and supplying labor is crucial to fulfill the needs of BAC Signatory Contractors that have secured projects throughout Northern California. The focus of BAC local 3 is to maintain the forward momentum and continue organizing to increase membership. There are various tactics used to try and educate the incoming workforce and place individuals on a path to rebuild their lives and begin a career not just a “JOB.” We have been staying busy recruiting the new generation of craftworkers through different outreach approaches.

There are a lot of ways to reach out to the younger workforce generation and to those that have been in the workforce already. BAC local 3 does jobsite visits, craft presentations, career fairs, and pre apprenticeship cohorts. Recently, we were asked to attend and be apart of a six-week Multi-craft core curriculum (MC3) pre-apprenticeship course in Fresno by the Fresno- Madera- Kings- Tulare Building Trades Council. This was a class of thirteen eager individuals looking for a pathway into an apprenticeship program. BAC local 3 put on a craft presentation along with hands on demonstrations including American flags made from tile adhered to hardi backer, we also had the class participate in brick wall mockups. This was a successful day in the valley.

I would like to thank Vice-Chair Darin Compton and Field Representative Steve Espinosa along with our Masonry Apprenticeship Coordinator Josh Height for their participation. These types of programs are great to be a part of as all the building trades collectively have the same goal. We are familiar with the shortage of labor in the construction industry. BAC local 3 is looking forward to participating in the Organized labor fair booth this year at both the Sonoma County and the Sacramento State fairs. Stay hydrated and keep an eye out for one another in these hot summer months.

In Solidarity,
Dave Tafoya