From the Desk of Troy Garland:

Where has the year gone? We are already heading into the Holiday Season!! It has been a busy year for BAC 3 with plentiful work and numerous union functions. On September 23rd BAC 3 held its annual picnic at Six Flags. Nearly 600 BAC members and their families enjoyed the picnic. The food was great and the weather cooperated with reasonable temperatures. Wonder Woman was the star attraction. Our members get a great deal with discounted tickets that include parking and lunch. Next year we plan on going back to Great America. Hope to see you next year.

We hold the majority of our Retiree Luncheons this time of the year. Our retirees get the opportunity to talk with fellow union brothers they worked with over the years and enjoy the comradery. There are always entertaining stories and a few good jokes. If you are retired and have not attended, please make an effort to attend. Our retirees deserve our recognition as they paved the way for all of us by fighting for working conditions that we now sometimes take for granted. They also handed down their knowledge, which was instrumental in creating the skilled workforce of BAC members today. Thank you.

Our apprenticeship numbers are higher than ever. These apprentices are the new generation of BAC 3 workers. As our active membership ages, and retirement draws near for many of our journeyman, we need this next generation of skilled workers. If you are a journeyman, please emphasize the importance of safety to our apprentices, because they have highest rates of accidents and fatalities on the job site. Take the time to teach them the craft, as maintaining the most skilled workers in our trades is imperative to our survival. This new generation will support our pension funds solvency to ensure retirement is secure for the journeyman close to retirement and the next generation.