From the Desk of Dave Jackson:

Training is key for union employment. Training and productivity is what separates unionized labor from all others. Every BAC apprentice has the advantage of going through an AFL-CIO state certified training program for the trade they are performing.

Every new member to Local 3 without extensive experience is put in at an apprentice level that matches their skill level to gain the knowledge they need to perform journeyperson work.

The IUBAC and IMI are in the process of inspecting and certifying each and every training program and facility across the country. We expect our apprentice programs to be at or near the top of the ratings.

Our journeyperson continued education courses continue to improve in quality and in availability. I encourage all members to participate in these courses to keep your skills up to date with new products and installation, and keep your safety training current. Being a safe, well trained craftworker makes you more qualified, versatile, employable, and will provide more work hours.

Having your state certified Journeyperson certificate is becoming more important each year. Many state school projects performed under AB 566 now require you provide proof of graduation from an apprentice program. Many more prevailing wage, refinery, and locally negotiated construction projects will require the same.

If you have graduated from a program and have your certificate, you may need to show it to work on certain projects. If you no longer have your certificate, I encourage you to get proof of your graduation from the Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) as it may be required on a job you are asked to work on in the near future. You will need to provide your full name, social security number, and the approximate date of graduation. The DAS will search their archived records and provide you with a letter confirming your certification. Processing time is about a week, longer if you were certified in the 1970’s. You can contact the DAS agent listed below, or you may contact your local DAS office:

Anna Latreille
Department of Industrial Relations
D (916) 928-4741- Direct
O (916) 928-6800- Main
F (916) 928-4745- Fax

If you need further assistance, contact the union or apprenticeship offices.

Training will continue to be very important to keeping our union strong. In addition, every member should also know and understand the collective bargaining agreement they are working under and live by its terms.  Both parties, labor and management, agreed to these collectively bargained terms, and our membership needs to uphold them. If you are unsure about how any terms may be interpreted, please call your local Field Representative or the union office.

Our Semi-Annual General Meeting was held on May 6 in Oakland. Thank you to the members who took the time from their weekend to attend this informative meeting. Reports were well presented by all Officers and Field Representatives with open discussion throughout the meeting. I was particularly encouraged to see new members in attendance and participating. Most all members stayed a long time enjoying the Barbeque lunch and socializing with each other. Thank you very much to those who stuck around and helped clean up! Attending the General meetings is a great way to stay involved with your union and get the information you need. I hope to see you at the next General Meeting in Manteca on November 4, 2017.

Long time BAC 3 CA Secretary, Bookkeeper, and Office Manager Beverly Callaway will be retiring on June 30, 2017. Bev started with Local 8 in 1989 as the Local and Apprenticeship Secretary.  In 1993 with the merger, Bev continued as the Local 3 Bookkeeper and was Brick Apprenticeship Secretary until 1997. Bev was also the Bookkeeper for the Western States Reciprocity Committee.  We have always counted on Bev and she has always come through for the members and representatives of Local 3. Bev will be missed in our office; she is currently training our dues secretary Carmen to step into the bookkeepers’ position. I wish Bev a long, happy, and healthy retirement.

Work Safe and honor all pickets
Dave Jackson