NEWS ARTICLE – February 4, 2016

From the Desk of Randy Smith:

Apple continues to create BAC jobs

A rebounding economy and robust growth in the Silicon Valley high tech industry has boosted the demand for BAC 3-CA workers to the highest level in years.

Contributing in a huge way to this demand is the Apple Campus II Project in Cupertino.

Since the beginning of this 176 acre project, consisting of 2,800,000 square feet of parking structures and business facilities in 2014, BAC members have watched the promise of many work hours come true. This project is slated to continue through this year, with future projects in the planning stages underway already.

Although Apple Campus II started on a timely schedule, they have faced some delays and the revision of the project scope and time table due to the change of General Contractors in mid-year 2015. The original General Contractor DPR-Skanska was replaced by General Contractors Rudolph and Sletten, and Holder. BNBuilders remains as the General Contractor for the ancillary structures such as site work, fitness center, theatre and so forth. Despite the change in General Contractors, all of the original BAC 3-CA Contractor Contracts remain as assigned.

Here is an update regarding the BAC 3-CA work to date and what is projected for the months ahead:

Bratton Masonry started laying CMU’s in early 2015. They have consistently kept about 25 Masons working and are expected to remain on the job in this area for several more months.

E and S Masonry started laying natural stone in mid 2015. They have a crew on site presently and anticipate the number of workers to increase as the project demands more stone to be done.

Columbia Stone will begin laying out the mechanically-set stone in February 2016. The project will require full work crews to set the material beginning in March 2016. As the project progresses, they anticipate a need for up to 100 Marble Workers with constant work lasting approximately a year.

Terrazzo work is slated to start at the end of February 2016.

Artistic Aggregate will begin the installation of the terrazzo stairs in June 2016.

Rinaldi Tile has completed some work in the equipment and maintenance rooms at the parking structures to date, but the majority of the tile work will start later as the project gets closer to finish.

Granite site work and paving will be installed near the completion of the project; a contractor is yet to be awarded this contract.

The parking structure tunnel will involve very large amounts of tile to complete the project; a contractor will soon be awarded this contract.

The Apple Campus II demands the highest quality of craftworkers and BAC 3-CA is dedicated to providing the expertise to meet their needs. Apple is a company that strives to create, build and demand quality in all that they do, therefore they are dedicated to strictly Union Labor on this project to ensure a structure that exhibits the finest quality in every way.

Apple Campus II Facts:

Location: 19111 Pruneridge Avenue, Cupertino, CA
Start: Early 2014
Estimated cost: $5 Billion
Footprint: 176 acres
Total Square Footage: 2,800,000

Included structures: Parking under the main building; Two additional Parking Structures; a Fitness Center; a 3,000-seat Café; a 300,000 square foot Research and Development Facility; a 1,000-seat Auditorium Additional features: Orchard to provide fresh food for the Café; a dedicated Generating Plant to provide the primary source of electricity powered by solar, natural gas and other environmentally-sound processes.

By Randy Smith, BAC 3-CA Field Representative