About Union Representation

What is a Union?

A union is an organization of workers joined together for a common purpose. It exists to engage in collective bargaining in order to secure decent work conditions, benefits and wages. Workers found out that individually they did not have the same strength as they do when they stand together. Being in a union is the best way to secure your rights as employees.

Why are Unions important?

There are lots of advantages to union representation. A worker may join a union for any number of reasons. Most workers join unions to protect themselves from management’s unfair, behavior, to earn a fair wage and have benefits.

Who runs the Union?

BAC Local 3 is run by the President/Secretary Treasurer and three Vice-Chairmen who make up the management committee. The President/Secretary Treasurer and Vice-Chairmen are elected every three years by the membership as mandated by federal law. The President oversees the day to day operation of the local with oversight from the Management Committee and the Membership

What is a Union Business Agent/Field Representative?

A Business Agent/Field Representative is an official of your local union. They are appointed by the President. They are paid employees of the local who work under the direction of the President.

What is the job of a Union Business Agent/Field Representative?

They find jobsites and work that is being performed in their assigned area. Checks on who is doing the masonry, pcc, tile, marble or terrazzo work on the jobsite. If a Union Contractor: Enforces our CBA – Checks status of workers to ensure they are members of Local #3 and current in their dues – Takes complaints from members and tries to solve the problem – keeps the members informed of any current issues. If Non-Union Contractor: Talks to the General Contractor about the N/U Contractor – Gathers information about the N/U Contractor – Talks to the workers and collects information about their working conditions including pay rate etc.- enforce prevailing wage laws. They try and organize contractors and workers into the union. They attend building trades and many other meetings and report back to the President about issues that might affect the local. They track jobs to help retain and increase our market share, and perform many other tasks.