Bricklayers, Tilesetters and Allied Craftworkers Local 3 Union provides training, representation, promotion of our contractors, solidarity and respect to our craftworkers. We represent the oldest craft in the world and use basically the same techniques and tools as Masons and Tilesetters used 5000 years ago. We are some of the hardest workers society has to offer. BAC Local 3 represents Bricklayers/Stonemasons, Tile Layers and Finishers, Restoration Masons and Caulkers, Marble Masons and Finishers, Terrazzo Mechanics and Finishers, and Refractory Bricklayers who work various aspects of the industry in the Northern 46 counties of California.

The Union Hall is no longer accepting walk in visits


For assistance, we are available by phone at (510)632-8781


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News Article Month of June 2021

 From the desk of Colin Johnson: Greetings Brothers and Sisters,                 It is amazing how fast a year can go by!  This time last year I was still getting my feet wet as the newest field representative on staff.  Starting a month before COVID 19 brought...

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June 2021 Chapter Meeting

June Meetings 2021 (Chapter Meetings Via Zoom)   LOCATION DATE AND TIME MONTEREY 06/1/2021, 6:00PM SAN JOSE 06/2/2021, 5:30PM SACRAMENTO 06/3/2021, 6:00 PM SAN FRANCISCO 06/8/2021, 5:00 PM OAKLAND 06/10/2021, 5:00PM FRESNO 06/15/2021, 6:00PM MANTECA 06/17/2021,...

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News Article Month of May 2021

 From the desk of Ryan Ruf: Brothers and Sisters, I would like to applaud all Bricklayers, Tile Layers and Allied Craftworkers of Local 3 who continue to social distance, follow COVID-19 protocols and have been vaccinated to help stop the spread of this global...

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BAC Craft Award/Best Brick Project

The 2015 BAC Award for Best Use of Masonry Materials was presented to Local 3 California for the unparallel range and quality of members’ contributions to the construction of the Levi’s® NFL Stadium in Santa Clara. See here


The BAC is the oldest continuously serving International Union in North America. Year 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the founding of our great International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers since 1865.