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News Article Month of June 2019

From the desk of President Dave Jackson: The work picture is bright as we move into Summer 2019. The strong Bay Area construction market continues to employ our members and requires new members and apprentices to supply our...

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June 2019 Chapter Meeting

June Meetings 2019  (SMU      LOCATION                              ADDRESS     DATE AND TIME MONTEREY 3120 Del Monte Blvd. Marina (Roundtable Pizza) 06/4/2019, 6:00PM SAN JOSE 14940 Camden Ave. (Roundtable Pizza) 06/5/2019,...

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News Article Month of May 2019

From the Desk of Steve Espinosa:California’s Housing CrisisTo address California’s affordability crisis, policymakers increasingly agree that housing production must increase quickly. Finding the workers to perform that...

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